Submit Site To Google Bing Yahoo Search Console

How To Submit Site To Google Bing Yahoo Search Console

How To Submit Site To Google Bing Yahoo Search Console If you are a new blogger then you may have some problems right now. Gradually, you too can learn about all these very well. Now that you have created a blog, I am aware that you may not even understand what to do next.

In my case, I still remember that I was introduced to the word Internet a few years ago, but I am working on the Internet today. When I created my first blog, for about 5-6 months I didn’t even know that I had to submit the URL to bring my blog to the search engine. When I came to know about it, after a lot of troubles, I was able to index my site in the Search Engine somehow.

How To Submit Site To Google Bing Yahoo Search Console

Information about something is not wrong, rather information is misused. So keep thinking of learning and doing something new all the time. I am aware that right now you will be very weak in Blogging, but if you keep blogging like this, then one day I promise you will know a lot about the Internet and Blogging. I understand that there can be no good way to learn from the internet. Right now you can do a lot of work through the internet.

Url submit in seo in blog 

Well, here we were talking about how to submit blog URLs to popular search engines. Let us tell you that thousands of search engines are available right now, but only a few of them are popular search engines and with which you can gain maximum traffic in your blog.

Webmaster tools in traffic in blogger

You must have seen a lot of big blogs on the Internet, which attracts thousands of traffic per day. Most of the traffic in his blog comes from “Search Engine”. This is a way through which you can get unlimited traffic without any investment.

How To Submit Site Bing 

You will know about Google, Bing and Yahoo that all three are the most popular search engines. Everyday millions of people search for it. In such a situation, you can also index your blog in all these search engines and you can gain thousands of traffic in your blog. Chill now we are going to tell it below.

how to index this sites is google how to check

This check is very simple, for this you just have to visit Google and search by entering your site URL address in the search box. If there is no result shown to you then it means your site is not yet submitted to Google. You must submit your blog.

Another way of this is that you search by typing “site:” (Replace your domain with ““) in the Google search box. If your blog is already indexed in the Google search engine, then the result will be shown.

how to make google index my site faster

Please also tell you that if you want to know whether your blog is indexed in bing or not, then for this you will find “info:” (replace your blog URL with ““) in Bing’s search box. You can search by typing.

Need to pay to get good traffic from Google, Bing or Yahoo

No, there will be no need to pay you money for a good position in the search engine. All the big search engines, they want the ease of their users. There are many sources to earn money when users will like them more.

If you want to get more traffic from the search engine, then for this you will need to work hard instead of money. You have to put good quality content in your blog, only then you will be able to get good traffic gain from search engines.

For the first time, first of all, submit your blog in the search engine. Then optimize your blog for Search Engine.

Websites how to blog in submit to google in

If you want to index your blog in Google, then first you have to submit your blog URL. After that in the next few hours your site will start being indexed in Google. Submitting it is very simple. Let’s know

First of all, go to and login with your Google Account

Add your blog’s URL address.

Captcha Verify

Now click on Submit Request.

Blog in yahoo webmaster tools submit site

Will happen Below we are telling you how to Verify Blog in yahoo webmaster. If you verify your blog once in Yahoo webmaster, then there will be no need to verify in Bing webmaster. Because both search engines have the same webmaster.

Step 1: First of all go to and click on “Submit Your Site For Free”.

Step 2: Now login by clicking Login in this page and if your account is not already there, then register and login.

Step 3: Now add the URL address of your blog on this page, after that write the Sitemap URL and select “All Day Default” and click on the Submit button.

Step 4: Now in this page there are many methods to verify the blog but we are talking about verifying with other methods.

There will be meta codes here, copy it and add it under the <head> of your blog.

Now click on Verify.

Now your blog has been verified in Yahoo webmaster.  It may also take a little longer for all the posts and pages of your site to be indexed. With this, your site bing and yahoo will be shown in both search engines.

In this way you can submit your blog URL to Google, Bing and Yahoo. You know that this is the most popular search engine right now. And in India, apart from all these, no other search engine is used. Therefore, you do not even need to submit to other search engines.

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